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Powering Through the Holidays

The holidays provide a particular set of obstacles, both mentally and physically. While it may be a time we look forward to, this season can bring an incredible amount of chaos. Chaos can throw us out of our routine relatively quickly. Similar to our beloved Marvel heroes that get thrown into new adventures, they have picked up a quick adaptation to spontaneous situations. Now, what if we could use these skills portrayed in our DC films to develop a new mindset to win this holiday season? We are tasked with tackling this pandemic in our different statewide efforts in an already overwhelming time of the year. A superhero mindset can empower us to adapt to our situation head-on.

Learning to adapt quickly

To start building your hero mindset, let's first examine how these superheroes manage their stress during overwhelming situations. They adapt quickly. Now, why do they do this? Because of their need to protect the city and the people they love. Similarly, we take on additional tasks for the joy of our family and friends. While organizing a holiday event may not be your favorite thing, you may still do it for your loved ones. Now, with newly added restrictions, this task may be increasingly difficult, but what if we could use this to empower ourselves to be more creative? Thinking about why or who you are doing this for can provide us the motivation we need to continue pushing with high spirits.

Leaning on your team

While our beloved characters have acted in their own personal efforts, in the end, working together produced tremendous success in their efforts. Additionally, we can be contributing this to our mindset. Together, with our family, we can accomplish more. While our family or team may not be able to be right next to us, we are graced with the advancement of technology to continue to lean on them throughout this holiday season. As our superheroes take impact and injury during the battle, they can grow weak and tired. Equally, this time of the year can have us feeling greater exhaustion than usual, putting even more pressure on your team's need to lift you or carry more weight to get through the holidays. Together, this unique holiday event may be easier to work through and be less overwhelming for all.

Focusing on the goal

Accomplishment can be more attainable when you see the end goal. Although often, our heroes are creating their purposes before witnessing the entirety of the picture. Building a path for yourself can help lead you to where you need to go. Right now, your daily routine is your path. As the holidays grow closer, you can easily be thrown off your course onto a different one. Building our superhero mindset can allow us to create a new path through the holidays that will eventually get us back to our daily routine afterward.

Appreciating those within your team before and after the win

Mutual respect is essential in a hero mindset. No one part of your team is better or more beneficial than the other. Often our overwhelmed feelings of seasonal change can cause more significant conflicts. Likewise, when our heroes face disagreement, there is little advancement toward their end goal. Only when you set aside your differences and work together can you advance. Instead of quarreling through the holidays, find a way to smoothly set aside your differences or express them in a more productive manner that could help you attain your end goal together.

Moving this hero mindset to an everyday mindset

Now that we have learned the possible qualities we can use to build our hero mindset, it is time to propel this new way of thinking into consistent action. We may need this mentality even more to get through the holiday season with less stress, but it can also be used in everyday life for the rest of the year. We will continuously face obstacles in our way, and it is up to us to get through them and not remain stuck behind them.

Remembering your inner hero can help motivate you to see situations with a different mindset and build yourself up for success. Equally, we can teach this to our children to set them up for tremendous achievement mentally by positively teaching them how to deal with obstacles. Showing your children how to be their own superhero and a hero for others when they need it can be a profound experience for them but also for yourself. You can guide them as part of your team to tackle the holidays together.

You are a hero!

We are heroes!

Together we will get through this!


Maria Laquerre is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, who specializes in addressing trauma with clients of all ages. Maria has practiced therapy in New Mexico since her return in 2008. Maria's current passion is supporting therapists in doing their best clinical work, which she pursues through offering supervision, consultation and trainings. Maria enjoys spending time with her family, watching Star Wars and Marvel movies, discussing the psychology of pop culture and loves a good book!

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