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Individual Therapy

Are you feeling stressed out or stuck in life?

Are you motivated to change your stress management, communication or overall happiness?

Did life just upend itself and you are unclear where to start to make sense of it?

Psychology Patient

Working one-on-one with your therapist, you will have the time and space set aside to address your stress, set positive goals, and make healthy changes in your life. We offer individual therapy for children, teens and adults. Your therapist will work with you to find the most effective treatment. Whether you are facing stress right now or just need a safe place to talk about past issues, your therapist will help you work towards the goals you set together. 

What can I talk about?

People come to therapy for different reasons including depression, anxiety, anger, and stress management. Teens and adults alike can benefit from individual therapy to talk about their feelings, heal from trauma, and work through the stress in their lives. Therapy can be helpful in working towards future goals, self-improvement, and to improve their lives. Stress from work, relationships, medical issues and social interactions often cause distress in other areas of our lives. Individual therapy can help get you back on track and achieve the goals you set for yourself. 


Individual therapy can focus on present or past problems and be a time to learn new skills, try out different behaviors, or learning to let go of what is holding you back from living the life you love. 



What can I expect?

Your first few sessions will be used for you and your therapist to explore what is bothering you and set clear goals for your time together. Your therapist will complete an assessment which will include background and historical information regarding the stress that brings you in for therapy, as well as exploring how the stress is impacting your daily life. Your therapist may make recommendations based on the information you provide to them.


Want to know a secret? ... Therapy only works if you are doing your part! Your therapist can only help if you are being open and honest with them. They are unable to make suggestions or provide helpful skills if they are unclear about the problem. We understand that this is hard to do sometimes, so we really focus on building a working relationship together to make sure you feel comfortable enough to be honest in therapy. Otherwise, it won't help!



Will I have to lay on a couch ... or talk about my mother?

There are still a lot of misinformation about therapy out there! No, you don't have to lay down on a couch, nor do you have to talk about your mother - unless you want to! Your sessions will be focused on your identified goals and in a comfortable setting designed for your comfort. 



Ok, I am ready - what's next? 

Learn more about our therapists or click below to request an appointment.


You are not alone - we are here to help!

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