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Clinical Internship Program

Are you seeking clinical internship? Do you need a site to complete your program requirements? 

A New Hope Therapy Center is excited to offer our Clinical Internship Program. Our program centers on providing interns with a welcoming and supportive environment, the flexibility and professionalism of an established private practice setting, and the opportunity to complete their clinical hours while becoming familiarized with multiple approaches to treatment.


Interns will learn to effectively provide therapy to children, adults, couples and families of varied cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds under the guidance of supervision and the support of highly trained and experienced clinicians. They will also become an integral part of our mission to provide greatly needed therapeutic services to our local community.

Why do your internship and practicum with us? 

Here's just a few reasons  

We offer an internship experience with the perks of a private practice setting.

You will be part of our dynamic team dedicated to improving the mental health of our communities. 

We have a professional headshot taken that you can then use as you start your career!

You will have the opportunity to help behind the scenes of amazing training opportunities!

Now accepting applications for internships!

Meet Our Intern Supervisor

Jessica Cauthorne, LCSW, RPT


Jessica is an LCSW who obtained her graduate degree from the Social Work Program at New Mexico State University and has been a practicing therapist for over 10 years.  Jessica is EMDR trained and a Registered Play Therapist. As the Intern Program Supervisor, Jessica uses her supervision experience and real practice experience to help interns understand and implement best practice standards, allowing them to strengthen their skills, ensure client welfare, establish their own therapeutic identity, while supporting their growth and professional development. 

Interested in placement with A New Hope Therapy Center?

  1. Complete this form with as much detail and information regarding your program needs. 

  2. Submit your resume and cover letter to

  3. Jessica will reach out to schedule an interview with you, should he feel that we are able to meet your program requirements.


We are able to take only a few interns every semester and give preference to those wanting to complete internship and practicum hours with our group. 

Here is what some of our former interns have said about their experience at A New Hope Therapy Center.



A New Hope Therapy Center provided a great experience for me as a student intern. They walked alongside me as I gained clinical training. I received immense support as well as encouragement, understanding, and guidance. A New Hope also created a safe space for me to grow, ask questions and learn. Thanks to my supervisors at A New Hope, I feel equipped and ready for my next chapter in counseling!



15/10 would recommend. I never expected to have such a wholesome, challenging, and exciting internship experience. Everyone at A New Hope genuinely cares for us interns. The amount of support provided is unfathomable. The seasoned supervisors are approachable and calm - always respecting you, even when providing constructive feedback. My supervisor embraced my character, strengths, and aspirations. Maria (CEO) makes herself more accessible than I could have hoped for - she will make time to share what she knows with you, all you have to do is ask. This practice is refreshing, encouraging, and the ideal place to become the counselor that you dream of becoming prior to graduating. It is a fun, safe I assure you: you will not regret being associated with A New Hope and absorbing the wealth of knowledge only they can provide so beautifully.



I enjoyed my experience, I am sad to leave but grateful for the opportunity. This experience helped me grow in learning how to implement a lot of what I learned in school to a real world setting. Have fun! If you are nervous or worried about something - reach out - asking for help and advice helped me learn different techniques and strategies that I didn't even think of. I would definitely recommend this internship placement.



My experience with ANHTC was very positive. Even though it was during the pandemic, I still felt connected and welcomed by the team. The environment was transparent and friendly. I can only imagine working with the rest of the team in person! I totally recommend this place to other interns and professionals who share the same vision to make a difference in the lives of others. This is the place to be.



My experience with A New Hope was fulfilling and exceed my expectations! The support I received from everyone I interacted with truly made the experience memorable and helped me grow as a clinician. I have gained so much confidence from the beginning of my internship and am so grateful. I was given the opportunity to work with each of my clients and witness the growth each of them made.



My time as an intern at ANHTC was an amazing experience. The constant support from my supervisor and clinicians in the group inherently fostered my growing confidence and self-efficacy. The group practice gives you every opportunity to grow, which aids in your ability to step out of your comfort zone and try new techniques, populations and theories. By working at ANHTC it has been a driving force behind my continued passion to be in this industry. There are no words to describe how grateful I am and how excited I am for other clinicians and clients to become a part of this team.



The best experience is that I could practice hands-on while being guided to practice ethically and implement theories within sessions. I recommend this site for clinicians that want to learn what a safe and constructive work environment should be. There are many experiences that can be learned through the supervisors and other professional clinicians.

Thank you for your interest in pursuing your clinical practicum with us!

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