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ADHD Testing

Are you struggling with maintaining attention and focus on tasks?

Wonder if you or your child may have Attention Deficit - Hyperactivity Disorder?

We can help!

This test takes less than 30 minutes and provides a detailed, clear to read written report that you can then use at work or school or with your medication provider. 

We are excited to offer a quick test to confirm the diagnosis of ADHD through the Test of Variables of Attention, or T.O.V.A.! This is a computer based test that is objective, accurate and FDA-cleared that measures the key components of attention and inhibitory control. The T.O.V.A test is a neuropsychological assessment that measures a person's attention while screening for ADHD. 


What is T.O.V.A. testing?

TOVA is a testing tool to help objectively diagnose Attention-Deficit/Hyper-activity Disorder. TOVA stands for Test of Variable Attention. The TOVA Test is a tool that provides healthcare professionals with objective measurements of attention and inhibitory control. In other words, it helps professionals to measure a patient’s attention and ability to control. It calculates response time and speed, commission, and omission. These factors allow us to see the patient's impulsivity, consistency, focus, vigilance, and attention.


Who can the T.O.V.A. test be used for?

T.O.V.A. testing can be done for anyone aged 5 and older. 

What does the T.O.V.A. test entail?

The T.O.V.A. test is a 25 minute test on a computer that looks like a boring video game! Test takers will respond to a prompt by clicking a button. The initial test is a visual test and an auditory test is also available for further information gathering. The visual and auditory tests are separate tests and given on separate appointments, as recommended. 

How reliable is the T.O.V.A. test?

The T.O.V.A. has been shown to accurately identify 85% of individuals without ADHD, 84% of non-hyperactive ADHD, and 90% of the individuals with hyperactive ADHD. This test should not be used as the sole diagnostic tool for screening of ADHD. Reliability may be lower for individuals who have experienced a traumatic brain injury. 

What will this appointment look like?

You ​will be scheduled for an hour appointment and it is vital that you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment time. You will be taken to a room with a staff member and walked through the test and complete a practice test. You will then take your T.O.V.A. test to completion, generally just under 25 minutes. Children and teens are encouraged to be in the testing room without a parent or guardian, to reduce distraction. A trained staff member will be present during the test. Following the completion of the test, your written report will be reviewed with you by the staff member and recommendations will be given. You will receive a copy of your testing results at the end of your appointment.

Ok, I'm interested! What do I do now?

Learn more about our T.O.V.A testing appointments complete this form. Please note that stand-alone T.O.V.A. testing is not covered by insurance and we charge $80 per testing session if you are not a current client of A New Hope Therapy Center.

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