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Discovering Your Superpowers During a Pandemic

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

2020 could be the plot line of a movie. A worldwide virus causes global lock-down and our lives as we once knew them have changed beyond comprehension. We have felt fear, anxiety, uncertainty, loss, and panic. But as with all great movie plots we have discovered parts of ourselves that we didn’t know existed.

So while we might not have the ability to soar above the skies like Falcon or tell Jarvis to get our suit ready in order to face the world outside, we do have superpowers and discovering them will embolden us to face the challenges ahead and create a better future.

Discovering our superpowers is a process and as Bruce Banner knows all too well, we aren’t going to get it right first time. First, we need to connect with ourselves. Zero-in with laser precision to the feelings you’re holding inside, but don’t make them the enemy. Speak kindly to yourself, the way Pepper Potts speaks to Tony Stark.

Next, ask yourself the all-important question, what qualities and strengths have helped me get through the past few months?

You may struggle to answer this question initially, but please put pen to paper. How many times have we watched our favorite superhero deny the essence of themselves only to realize that no matter how much they try to avoid it, they are special, unique and powerful. So are you.

Your superpower may be dogged determination to get out of bed in the morning and face the day when every fiber of your being wants to hide under the covers. It may be the strength to pick-up the phone and call someone when the goblin in your head is trying to convince you no one cares. It may be working from home while juggling childcare and caring responsibilities for relatives and loved ones.

Once you’ve discovered your superpower it doesn’t stop there. What happens next is just as important. In order to keep strengthening our superpowers we need to connect with others. We’re stronger together. Assemble your avengers on the phone, FaceTime or via zoom, because together we are more powerful than a pandemic. Stay safe, stay well.


Maria Laquerre is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, who specializes in addressing trauma with clients of all ages. Maria has practiced therapy in New Mexico since her return in 2008. Maria's current passion is supporting therapists in doing their best clinical work, which she pursues through offering supervision, consultation and trainings. Maria enjoys spending time with her family, watching Star Wars and Marvel movies, discussing the psychology of pop culture and loves a good book!

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