Regulating in Times of Uncertainty: COVID-19

Is anyone else struggling with seeing “coronavirus” and “social distancing” everywhere you look? Yet, I keep seeking out information, memes, news articles, and webinars. I have been reposting tips, articles and resources to my personal and professional social media back to back to back to back… to back. Then, Lisa Dion hosted a webinar called Regulating through the Coronavirus and she articulately said all the things I have been seeking. She reminded me about my nervous system, regulation, and all the concepts I spend all day teaching clients but forget to practice myself. I am here to remind all of you of these things as well, whether you be a helping professional or not. You are a human and we all have nervous systems!

Regulating Your Nervous System

Your nervous system is what coordinates actions and the sensory information that is input by sending it to and from different parts of your body. The nervous system is meant to detect environmental changes that impact your body, as well as communicate with your endocrine system. Your nervous system is getting an onslaught of information, some of it is helpful, some of it is funny, some is scary but all of it, all together is overwhelming. How do you balance staying informed and not obsessing about every detail that is being distributed in the media?