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Unleash Your Inner Builder:

Preparing for 6th Grade with Lego®

Image by Xavi Cabrera

Group Description:

Feeling nervous about the jump to middle school? You're not alone! Sixth grade can feel like a giant leap into a new world. New classrooms, new teachers, and new social dynamics can be overwhelming. But fear not, young builders! LEGO® sets are here to help you bridge the gap and step into middle school with confidence!

Who Can Attend?

This group is exclusively designed for 5th graders entering 6th grade in the fall. Participation in this group is open to students seeking support in preparing for the transition to middle school. We aim to provide a supporting environment for these students to build skills, meet peers, and have fun!  

Expectations for Participants:

Our group therapy sessions operate as an open group, which means that we can accept new members once the first session starts. Participants are expected to commit to attending all five sessions from start to finish. Consistent attendance throughout the entire duration of the program is vital for the group's cohesion, trust-building, and effectiveness in achieving therapeutic goals. 


This group meets every day from 10:30 - 12:00 pm
Starting June 17 and
Ending June 21


This in person group meets at the A New Hope Therapy Center office.


We are happy to bill your insurance if we are paneled with them. Our self pay rate is $25/child per session, $125 for the 5 days.

Group Facilitator

Marrina Alvarez, LMHC

Marrina is a child therapist who loves helping kids reach their full
potential. Her therapy sessions are safe, fun, and designed to
help kids overcome challenges and grow. Using person-centered
therapy, Marrina creates a space where kids can feel heard and
understood, so they can thrive both at home and in school.

Questions? Please email me at

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