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Bluey's Backyard Bunch

Grow Your Happy Together!

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Group Description:

Calling all Heeler families! Join us in Bluey's Backyard Bunch, a playful and supportive group for kids and parents to explore emotional well-being. Through games, crafts, and playful activities inspired by Bluey's adventures, we'll learn how to:

  • Sniff out emotions: Identify and express feelings with empathy and understanding, just like Bluey and Bingo!

  • Playful problem-solving: Get creative like Bandit and Chilli to navigate challenges and build resilience.

  • Nurturing family bonds: Strengthen communication, cooperation, and quality time through fun, imaginative games.

  • Calm and cuddle moments: Practice relaxation techniques and mindfulness, inspired by Bluey's soothing snuggles.

  • Grow your happy: Celebrate individual strengths and build confidence, because every pup is special!

​No prior therapy experience needed! Just bring your love for Bluey, a willingness to play, and a desire to cultivate a happier, healthier home for everyone. Join us for: • Laughter and learning through interactive activities • Open and supportive discussions • Valuable resources and tips for everyday life • A safe space to connect and grow as a family Let's make Bluey's Backyard Bunch a place where every pup can flourish!

Who Can Attend?

This group is exclusively designed for parents and caregivers with children aged 3-12. Participation in this group requires attendance of both the caregiver and child. It's important to note that this program is tailored for families with children aged 3-12 only. Please be aware that this group is specifically structured that requires both the caregiver and the child to attend the entirety of the session.


This group meets every Wednesday from 6:00 - 7:30 pm
Starting May 1st and
Ending June 5th


This in person group meets at the A New Hope Therapy Center office.


We are happy to bill your insurance if we are paneled with them. Our self pay rate is $50/family per session, $350 for the 6 weeks.

Expectations for Participants:

Caregivers and children will be in separate groups for the first hour - parents will be meeting with Julia Marquez, LMHC while the children meet with Madison Duran, LCSW and Marrina Alvarez, LMHC. The remaining half hour will be an activity for everyone involved. 

Group Facilitator

Julia Marquez, LMHC

A native Las Crucen with a passion for supporting parents, I bring my multicultural counseling expertise and lived experience to guide families through joy, challenge, and growth. From navigating early parenthood to healing trauma, I offer a safe space to learn, thrive, and empower yourself and your loved ones. Join me in building a strong,
connected community where resilience blossoms.

Questions? Please email me at


Group Facilitator

Madison Duran, LCSW

Madi employs a flexible and individualized approach, incorporating various therapeutic modalities, including play-based and artistic interventions, tailored to the unique needs and interests of clients. With a systems perspective, Madi utilizes child/person-centered approaches, cognitive behavior therapy, strengths-based methods, and attachment work. Madi is a licensed clinical social worker (provisional), is pursuing play therapy certification, and is neurodiversity affirming.

Questions? Please email me at


Group Facilitator

Marrina Alvarez, LMHC

Marrina is a child therapist who loves helping kids reach their full potential. Her therapy sessions are safe, fun, and designed to help kids overcome challenges and grow. Using person-centered therapy, Marrina creates a space where kids can feel heard and understood, so they can thrive both at home and in school.

Questions? Please email me at

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