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Relational Therapy

Do you feel that you and your partner are drifting apart?

Do you feel stuck in patterns of behavior that you know need to change?

Are you wondering if separation or divorce are your only answers?

Relational therapy, or couples' counseling/marriage therapy,  is time set aside for your and your partner to work on improving your relationship. Being able to learn better communication skills, increasing intimacy, and resolving differences are possible with the support and guidance of a therapist. 

Relationships often lose the "spark" as they progress and face stress. Let us help you reclaim the relationship you fell for!


Who can be in relational therapy?

Relational therapy is used to address issues within a romantic relationship. Couples who have been together for any length of time can work on their relationship - premarital counseling, marital counseling, as well as co-parenting skills for separated or divorced couples. Our therapists are happy to work with a couple no matter where in their relationship they are. Our relational counselors love working with all types of couples including LGBTQIA couples.


What can we work on?

Relational therapy is typical for couples who experience a variety of stress including infidelity, severe medical issues, financial stress, parenting differences, blended and step-families, communication problems, infertility, as well as life transitions - such as unemployment or retirement. Our relational counselors can help with improving communication, stress management and conflict resolution. Meeting with your therapist, you will both identify what you would like different in your relationship and set goals around those changes. 


Does marriage counseling end in divorce?

Our relational therapists work towards the goals YOU identify. They will provide skills and tools to make your own difficult decisions from a place of compassion and understanding. A good therapist will not direct you to choose one option over another - they will guide and support you in making the best decision for yourself and your relationship. Divorce can be an option - if YOU believe it to be the best option for yourself. Our relational therapists will support you in making a thoughtful, intentional, self-directed decision.

Ok, we are ready - what's next? 

Learn more about our therapists or click below to request an appointment.





You are not alone - we are here to help!

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