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Play Unleashed: Mastering the 20 Therapeutic Powers of Play

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Unlock the potential of play therapy as we guide you through the "Powers of Play," a comprehensive exploration of concepts and techniques that elevate personal strengths, foster communication, nurture emotional wellness, and enrich social relationships. Immerse yourself in hands-on activities, honing the skills needed to harness the therapeutic benefits of play for your clients. Our interactive sessions are tailored to mental health therapists who want to deepen their understanding of the therapeutic powers of play therapy through theory and application. Discover the art of playful mastery, learning how to creatively integrate the powers of play into your therapeutic practice. From non-directive to expressive arts our training provides practical tools and insights to make play therapy an integral part of your toolkit. Join us for a playful and informative journey where theory meets practice, and where the power of play becomes a catalyst for healing. Elevate your therapeutic approach and unleash the powers of play in the healing process with our play therapy-focused training.

Jared Andes is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Registered Play Therapist. He obtained his Master of Social Work from the University of Utah. He is on the board for UAPT and the magazine committee for APT. Jared is a compassionate advocate with a genuine love of play and a heart dedicated to healing, Jared loves engaging in play therapy and teaching playful approaches to treating anxiety disorders, specializing in selective mutism for the last seven years. Outside of therapy, Jared enjoys running, hiking, gardening, traveling, and spending time with his wife and two children.



March 22, 2024


Online Zoom Training (MST Timezone)


8:45 - Check in/Sign in on Zoom
9:00 - Presentation Begins
10:30 - 15 Minute Break
12:00-1:00 1 Hour Break For Lunch
3:15 - 15 Minute Break
4:30 - Presentation Ends


$150 Early Bird Pricing

$175 Regular Pricing


$80 Student Pricing

*Pricing includes CE Certificate

Of Note

As this is an online training, it is required that you have your video on and are actively participating in order to earn the offered CEs. Please do not engage in other activities while in this training including driving, driving through for that coffee fix, or rearranging your closet - this training requires your attention and engagement. You will receive an email with the Zoom link and any handouts the day prior to the training.

This training will provide 6 CE Credits. ​A New Hope Therapy Center is an Approved Provider for the Association for Play Therapy (APT) - Approved Provider 20-631 and Maria Laquerre-Diego is an Approved Provider for the NM Counseling and Therapy Practice Board CCE020981

Training Objectives

  • Identify the powers of play included in "Increases Personal Strengths".

  • Identify the powers of play included in "Facilitates Communication".

  • Identify the powers of play included in "Fosters Emotional Wellness".

  • Identify the powers of play included in "Enhances Social Relationships".

  • Acquire proficiency in at least one play therapy intervention, specifically designed to harness the "Powers of Play" for increasing personal strengths, facilitating communication, fostering emotional wellness, and enhancing social relationships.

  • Identify the relationship between play therapy theories, therapeutic factors, and concrete techniques.

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