Singing to the Hulk and other coping skills

Updated: Jan 12

We all have heroes, people who inspire us with their words and actions, people we admire. But what if we moved beyond simple admiration for our heroes and instead decided to learn from them in order to enhance our own well-being.

My heroes are a mixture of real people and fictional characters and I look to them now when thinking about how I have developed my own coping skills, which are a mixture of behaviors, thoughts and emotions that I call upon in times of anxiety, stress or uncertainty. It’s a bit like sending out my own internal bat signal, except instead of waiting to be saved, I am the caped crusader and I will come to my own rescue.

As a nerdy, bookish child who exuded a little too much confidence for societies liking, She-Ra: Princess of Power gave me my first hero and proved pivotal in my understanding of how to authentically show-up in the world. Audora/She-Ra taught me tenacity, resilience and self-acceptance.

Growing older, I acquired more heroes and boy are they a mixed bag! From Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel and Hermione Granger to Arya Stark and Iron Man. But the one thing all my heroes have in common is an ability to overcome the trials and tribulations of life and not just survive but ultimately thrive. You see our heroes have all had to cope with setbacks, rejection, loss, uncertainty, and fear. Whether they exist in the world around us or in the pages of our favorite books they are human, even when they’re not.