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Silenzio, Bruno!

Silence Your Own Inner Naysayer

Do you ever think of leaping headfirst into an idea, situation, or event in your life and just giving it your all? But suddenly, you hear a voice inside your head telling you to just play it safe instead? This naysayer in your head has good intentions but can keep us in a secure comfortable box that may not bring the most fulfillment to your life. Disney's newest movie "Luca" teaches us to silence our own inner naysayer and just go for it with the repeated phrase "Silenzio, Bruno!" Bruno is the naysayer in all of us who set out to keep our lives logical, comfortable, and on the charted course. Have you ever wondered what your life would look like if you made "Silenzio, Bruno" your mantra?

How Luca Came to Adopt this Mantra

For those to have yet to see the movie, I’ll try not to spoil the film for you, but there is a lot to be learned in each movie scene. Luca is a sea-dwelling creature caring for his farm of fish. Day in and day out, he takes the fish to graze in their sea pasture but never feels fulfilled in his own life. It is not until he begins to find objects from the world above that his curiosity is peaked. In following his interests, he meets Alberto, also a sea-dwelling creature that changes form when he breaks through the water's surface. Luca then realizes he can change form on land too!

At first, he goes back to his home in the deep unsure and apprehensive, but he quickly continues to return to land and learn more about the abilities of the world above. His friend, Alberto, lives his life with no fear or guilt. In contrast, Luca continues to feel guilty for leaving a world and family that have not done him wrong and is fearful of what could happen because of his actions. This is when Alberto tells him, "Silenzio, Bruno."

Meaning Behind "Silenzio, Bruno"

This phrase is meant to silence your own inner naysayer and support you to make the decision that makes your heart happy. Too often do we lead with our head but are never fully content in its logic. By adopting this mantra, you are choosing to take risks to satisfy your curiosities. Without this mantra, Luca would have never traveled to the human town to find their very own Vespa.

Can you recount a time or two that you didn’t take advantage of an opportunity due to the logical voice in your head or simply because it would be too uncomfortable? If you had silenced that voice, do you think you would be happier and less complacent with aspects of your everyday life today? I think many of us can all say yes to both questions. While there is always an opportunity for failure, there is also the opportunity for success and greater happiness. Taking chances and being uncomfortable is how people can grow and change. This is how Facebook and Google were created and how many people have altered their work or employment since the pandemic started. Just because you have no reason to be displeased with your life does not mean there is not a looming opportunity for greater happiness.

How Can You Adopt this Mantra

Adopting this mantra means you are ready to follow your heart more so than your head. Allowing yourself to seek your inner happiness could be the best decision you have ever made. As with many things, it is easier said than done, unfortunately. Like training a dog or parenting a child, it takes time for you to learn the skills and habits that make "Silenzio, Bruno" effective in your own life. Simply telling yourself to silence that voice is the first step, but like any mantra, it is best to have it written somewhere you will see it every day, like your bathroom mirror or a daily alarm on your phone. The more you see it and remind yourself, the more you will recall it when presented with an opportunity.

Start small, do something spontaneous, or take an adventure you wouldn't usually take on a given day. Write down how you feel when you start taking more opportunities or chances. By analyzing your feelings, you can more clearly see what you need more of in your life to be happy. What made this mantra easier for Luca was having someone by his side that believed it too! Remind yourself to vocalize your mantra to those close to you and surround yourself with people who feel and think the same. They will help you remember this mantra even when you are faced with a challenging, life-changing opportunity.

Talk with others. Take chances. Analyze your feelings. Remember, "Silenzio, Bruno" allows you to seek happiness in your life by taking the required risks. Many people like you are ready to build a life that meets every need and want for themselves. So, start now by telling yourself, "Silenzio, Bruno!" and give us a call if you need any additional support, we are here for you. You've got this!


Maria Laquerre is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, who specializes in addressing trauma with clients of all ages. Maria has practiced therapy in New Mexico since her return in 2008. Maria's current passion is supporting therapists in doing their best clinical work, which she pursues through offering supervision, consultation and trainings. Maria enjoys spending time with her family, watching Star Wars and Marvel movies, discussing the psychology of pop culture and loves a good book!

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