Play Therapy

Children often lack the words to express their thoughts and feelings fully. We recognize this and offer play therapy to best help the little ones. 


What is Play Therapy?

Play therapy is a theoretically based therapy that uses the normal communicative and learning processes of children - play! Play therapists utilize techniques to help children express what they can not otherwise say out loud. Play is a child's first language and toys are their words. Our play therapists are trained to understand a child's play and communicate back in a similar fashion. Through play therapy, children learn communication skills to help express their thoughts and feelings as well as coping skills to help them manage their own stress. 



Who comes to Play Therapy?

Children are often referred for play therapy to address issues such as behavioral and emotional outbursts, difficulties in daycare or school, as well as trauma. Children also can benefit from play therapy if there is family stress present, including separation, divorce, death and loss. 



Want to learn more about Play Therapy?

The Association for Play Therapy has many resources available at:



Ok, I'm ready - what's next? 

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