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Valerie Amendola

Licensed Master Social Worker


Individuals, Families


Children (11+), Teens, Adults


Anxiety, Depression, Trauma

I’m a fourth generation New Mexican, but have lived a few different places in the states and
abroad, and am proud to call New Mexico my home. I received my Master’s degree in
Anthropology in 2013, with a focus in Cultural Anthropology and Museum Studies. My
professional background includes working in the museum field, the non-profit sector and even
in the film industry. Social justice and mental health advocacy have always been some of my
passions, which inspired me to return to school to receive my second Master’s degree in Social
Work 2023 to serve my community. My experience in Anthropology and Social Work created an
invaluable experience for me that strengthened my dedication to anti-racism, anti-oppression,
and an intersectional approach in my practices. I also feel it is important to have a holistic and
systems approaches with my clients in order to understand their current quality of life and to
explore any other resources that can elevate their lives.
Within my therapeutic practices, my goal is to collaborate with clients in their therapeutic
journey to explore different interventions that best serves their needs, which may include
mindfulness, CBT, DBT, Narrative therapy, Grief therapy, Attachment theory, and Solution
Focused approaches.
Some of my likes and interests involves hiking, traveling, exercise, riding my bike, non-fiction
reading (I love learning new things!), all things spooky (I love horror movies and Halloween!),
documentaries, independent films, classic films, Star Trek: Next Generation, lots of music (I love
going to shows!), and long walks during golden hour.

“In our world, divide and conquer must become define and empower.” —Audre Lorde

You are not alone - we are here to help!

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