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Jason Smith

Licensed Mental Health Counselor


Individuals, Couples


Teens, Adults


Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Relationship Issues

I enjoy working with and helping people from all backgrounds (ethnic, national, LGBTQ+, religious/non-religious, socioeconomic, and cultural) who may be dealing with issues ranging from mood disorders and trauma, to relationship and workplace challenges. My approach is both integrative, in that I utilize tools from a variety of theoretical perspectives when appropriate (from CBT and EMDR to narrative therapy and mindfulness), and holistic, in that I encourage clients to look at their presenting concerns from a broad, interconnected perspective. I strive to facilitate healing by providing a safe environment for clients to be authentic about their situations and feelings, providing resources and psychoeducation when appropriate, and encouraging reflection, insight, resilience, and autonomy. I’m a 5th generation native of Las Cruces and have lived over half my life in NM, and while I’ve also spent many years living in much larger cities, I’ve always considered Las Cruces home.

You are not alone - we are here to help!

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