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3rd Annual Supportive Innovations for Therapeutic Heroes Conference


September 26-28, 2024

at the Las Cruces Convention Center


Featuring: Dr. Drea Letamendi Ph.D


Tapping into “everyday heroism” to foster a culture of genuine connection, compassion, and meaning-making for professional helpers.

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STORYTELLERS is a strength-based, motivating workshop series that delivers science-backed strategies for accessing “heroic” attitudes and actions in our work, with the goals of reducing burnout, cultivating belongingness, and affirming purpose in stewardship. The program is designed for any role or professional activity that involves delivering “respond and recovery” services and for professionals looking for lifelong reparative strategies that go beyond self-care M’s: “meditation, medication, and martinis.”
The workshop will include the following learning components:
Summary of Workshop

  • Deconstructing heroism | Discuss and activate fortitude, courage, humility, and emotional intelligence, and tackle the threats of fatigue and burdensomeness experienced by counselors

  • Media literacy | Develop insight and strategies for better digital health and wellbeing

  • Prevention Skills | Address loneliness, suicidality, and depression using interpersonal and social models of resilience

  • Media engagement |Apply mediated storytelling in science fiction, fantasy, and action/adventure genres to our work in trauma stewardship

  • The Potential of Play | Build resilience, consciousness and compassion through RPG Tabletop Games, video games, and interactive games.


About the Conference

Unleash Your Inner Hero: Empower Yourself at the SITH Conference! 🚀


Calling all mental health professionals! Are you ready to embark on a journey of growth, connection, and Jedi-level mastery? Join us for the SITH Conference, a transformative professional development experience designed to propel you forward in your therapeutic journey.


What is SITH?

Held in the heart of Las Cruces, New Mexico, SITH stands for Supportive Innovations for Therapeutic Heroes. This unique conference goes beyond traditional formats, offering a dynamic blend of learning, movement, and community. Immerse yourself in:

  • Engaging workshops led by renowned experts in various therapeutic modalities.

  • Interactive sessions that explore innovative approaches and best practices.

  • Movement breaks designed to energize and connect with fellow participants.

  • Opportunities to network with colleagues, share experiences, and build lasting relationships.


Who should attend?

The SITH Conference is specifically tailored for:

  • Mental health therapists of all modalities and experience levels.

  • Clinicians seeking to expand their skillset and knowledge base.

  • Marriage and family therapists working with individuals, couples, and families.

  • Play therapists specializing in child and adolescent mental health.

  • Social workers committed to providing holistic support to their clients.


Why attend?

  • Deepen your therapeutic expertise: Gain insightful knowledge and practical skills through diverse workshops and sessions.

  • Discover innovative approaches: Explore cutting-edge methods and interventions to enhance your practice.

  • Reignite your passion: Reconnect with your purpose and find renewed inspiration for your therapeutic journey.

  • Expand your network: Build valuable connections with colleagues from across the mental health field.

  • Embrace a unique learning experience: Combine educational growth with movement activities for a holistic and engaging experience.


Unleash the Force for Good:

The SITH Conference is more than just a professional development opportunity; it's a chance to connect with the Force within yourself and your community. Whether you're a seasoned Jedi Master or a young Padawan embarking on your therapeutic path, join us for a transformative experience that will elevate your practice and empower you to serve your clients with greater wisdom and compassion.


Meet Drea!


Dr. Drea Letamendi is a licensed clinical psychologist, media consultant, and two-time TEDx speaker with degrees and training from Cornell University, UCSD, and UCLA. She is certified by the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention as a suicide interventionist and is also certified by the Joint Regional Intelligence Center in advanced threat assessment. Dr. Drea serves UCLA as a campus health and counseling leader, which included 3 years as the Interim Director of the UCLA Resilience Center. Dr. Drea has a private practice as a behavioral science advisor for the gaming, visual effects, and entertainment media industries and has written publications about the positive impacts of media storytelling on mental health, as covered in the Atlantic, the Guardian, and the Los Angeles Times. She created and hosts The Arkham Sessions, a podcast about the psychology of superheroes and other pop culture narratives. Her latest publication with Springer is titled, The Force Awakens: Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Using Star Wars. For more information, her website is

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