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Disneyland Conference
Play Therapy: To Infinity and Beyond!

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Get ready to embark on an extraordinary 5-day adventure like no other! 🚀

Welcome to 'Play Therapy: To Infinity and Beyond,' where the magic of play, the limitless potential of learning, and the incredible power of connection converge within the vibrant community of play therapists. This conference isn't just an event; it's an immersive journey that will redefine the way you approach play therapy.


Unleash the Magic of Play Therapy:🌟

Each day of this unparalleled conference will take you further into the universe of play therapy, from the basics to cutting-edge techniques that include virtual reality and digital play. You'll not only discover the art of healing but also delve into the heroics and complexities of human behavior.


About the Program

Ready to Play? Let's Soar! 🚀

This conference is an invitation to rediscover your inner child, to reconnect with the profound power of play. Over three days, you'll dive deep into experiential play, rekindling the joy and creativity that first drew you to this field. In between our play days, you'll ascend to the next level of learning, equipped with fresh insights and a renewed sense of purpose with two days of training.


🎈 'Play Therapy: To Infinity and Beyond' is not just about professional growth; it's about personal transformation. Join us for a conference that's not only informative but also an absolute blast, all amidst the enchantment of Disneyland® Park!

What's Included: 💫

 🔮 18 CEs of training led by some of the most magical trainers in the field of play therapy.
🏰 5 enchanting nights in the  Disneyland® Hotel, surrounded by the whimsical wonder of Disney®.
🎢 3 park hopper tickets granting you access to both  Disneyland® Park and Disney California Adventure® Park.
🌮 A fabulous kick-off dinner where you'll mingle with your fellow attendees and our esteemed presenters.
🥐 Daily breakfast, delightful lunches, and snacks to fuel you during your training days.

Please note: Travel and transportation to the venue, meals on park days, and any additional room charges are not included.

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Journey to the Frontiers of Play Therapy with Our Renowned Speakers

Our expert speakers will guide you through innovative techniques, interactive sessions, and hands-on activities designed to enhance your skills and deepen your understanding of the therapeutic power of play. Get ready to explore new horizons and gain valuable insights that will inspire your practice.

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Please note that this provisional schedule is subject to changes.

Park Day!!

Departure Day

Tuesday, March 5th

Arrival Day!!

5:30 - 8:30 pm

You have access to the parks until our kick-off dinner presentation at 5:30 pm. Your ticket is valid to start in Disneyland® Park at 8:00 am with Park Hopper to Disney California Adventure® Park starting at 11:00 am. 

We will be gathering for our kick-off dinner at 5:30 pm where you will meet your fellow delegates and enjoy our first presentation. Following our workshop you are welcome to explore Downtown Disney® or prepare for an early night so you can rope drop in the morning!

Wednesday, March 6th

Park Day!!

Starting with Magic Hour at 7:30, you can rope drop in Disneyland® Park! Your Park Hopper ticket will allow you to explore Disney California Adventure® Park beginning at 11:00 am. While in Disneyland® Park, you will have a playful learning task list to complete. Link up with a few buddies and go play! Our staff will be available in Disneyland® Park from 9:00 - 1:00 to help guide you, but this day is on your own. 

Thursday, March 7th

8am - 12:30pm

Training Day!!

Playfully Embracing Differences: Family Play Therapy Across Cultures with Liliana Baylon, LMFT-S, RPT-S™

Morning snacks, lunch and afternoon snacks provided.

1:30pm - 6 pm

Augmenting Play Therapy Practice with Digital Tools and Emerging Technologies with Rachel Altvater, Psy.D., RPT-S™

Friday, March 8th

Starting with Magic Hour at 7:30, you can rope drop in Disney California Adventure® Park! Your Park Hopper ticket will allow you to return to Disneyland® Park beginning at 11:00 am. While in Disney California Adventure® Park, you will have a playful learning task list to complete. Link up with a few buddies and go play! Our staff will be available in Disney California Adventure® Park from 9:00 - 1:00 to help guide you, but this day is on your own. 

Saturday, March 9th

Training Day!!

8am - 12:30pm

EmpowerHER: Integrating Feminist Theory, Play Therapy and the Evolution of the Disney Princess with Jessica Cauthorne, LCSW

Morning snacks, lunch and afternoon snacks provided.

1:30pm - 6 pm

Unlocking the Power of Villains in Play Therapy: A Journey to Understanding and Transformation with Maria Laquerre-Diego, LMFT, RPT-S™

Sunday, March 10th

Sadly all good things come to an end! There is no programming on this day, so enjoy the hotel amenities until check out at 11:00. You can then explore Downtown Disney® before you have to head to the airport! 

All times are posted in Pacific Time. See how this translates into your timezone.


Conference Location & Accommodation

Disneyland® Resort | Anaheim, California


Our complete conference package tickets include 5 enchanting nights in the Disneyland® Hotel, surrounded by the whimsical wonder of Disney®. Our block of rooms are furnished with two queen beds and we are offering the following options:

  • Single Occupancy - You will be the only conference attendee in your room. You may have family or friends rooming with you but they are not attending the conference. 

  • Double Occupancy - You and your roommate are both attending the conference. You are both required to register individually and will be billed individually at the double occupancy rate.

The hotel has a range of facilities you will have access to including their pools and Fitness Center. Click here for more information.  


In addition to the delicious kick-off dinner, delightful lunches, and morning and afternoon snacks will be provided to fuel you during your training days and provide a wonderful chance to relax and network with other delegates. If you have any food allergies or dietary requirements just let us know on your registration form. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.  

While meals on park days aren't included in the package, fear not! Click here to whet your appetite and access a map showcasing the diverse range of restaurants and food outlets within the park.

Your Journey to the Disneyland Resort

Chart your course to the Disneyland® Resort in Anaheim, California. Click on this link to access valuable travel information on airports, public transportation, and driving, allowing you to effortlessly plan your route and make every moment of your trip enchanting.

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We are committed to making the event as accessible as possible to welcome our wonderfully diverse therapeutic community. Do not hesitate to contact Maria at if you have any access needs or queries about the conference. We can accommodate those who need ADA-accessible rooms, please just note that on your registration. 


Disneyland® Resort has produced a range of accessibility information relating to the hotel and navigating the park, including a map of services, available here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this conference for? Do I need to be a qualified play therapist? This conference is for all clinicians who want to learn about integrating these play therapy topics into their practice. This includes adult therapists who want to learn and play. New clinicians, seasoned clinicians and everyone in between.

Do the presentations only focus on subjects relevant to child work? Great question! While Play Therapy is most often seen as applied to children, it is universal in its application. Lessons learned can be applicable to teens, adults, couples and family work. Adults often lose touch with their playful side and we are hoping to change that by showing how play therapy techniques can be powerful for adults too.

Will Continuing Education Units be offered? Yes, attendees will receive 18 CEs of training. Please note that you must attend the kick-off dinner presentation and both training days in their entirety for CE credit. A New Hope Therapy Center is an Approved Provider for the Association for Play Therapy. Please check with your state licensing board regarding their acceptance of these CEs.​

I live within traveling distance of Disneyland. Is there a day-rate option available? Yes! We have two local options for you - If you do not need the hotel room, but do need tickets into the parks the registration fee is $2150. If you don't need the hotel or the park tickets because you have a season pass, the registration is $1950. Please note that you will need to pay for parking as that is not included in your registration fees.

Can I bring my family? Absolutely! Please do! Our park days are yours to enjoy by yourselves, so bring those playful people in your life and explore the park together. They can even help you with our playful tasks! Registration includes a standard room of 2 queen beds - if you need something different, please reach out and I will work with our Disney connection to see what we can do!

What happens on the park days? If you are staying at the Disneyland Hotel with us, you have Magic Hour access to the park a full 30 minutes before the general public. It's your day to explore with whoever you choose and at your own pace - so if you want to be an early bird and rope drop at the park please do! If you are more of a night owl - fuel up and plan to close the park down! You will be given playful learning tasks and our staff will be on site between 9am and 1pm if you need help to complete them, but you can complete the tasks on your own if that works better for you. Let me give you a flavor of the playful tasks with one that won’t be included in the final program because of park updates - “Did you know that the Beast's library is located in California Adventure? When you find this hidden gem, Lumiere walks you through questions and tells you which Disney character you are!”

Are there chill-out places that I could access on park days if I want some reflective space away from the action? Yes! We know the parks can be A LOT - the people, the noise, the lines. We have help from a Disney insider and have a list of quieter places inside of the parks should you need. It is also just a little walk from the park to the hotel, so you can return to the quiet of your room, nap and refresh as needed and come back to the park!

Is there any way to interact with other delegates prior to the conference? We would love for you to join our FB event page: where you can connect with fellow participants, and engage in pre-event discussions.




Ready to get started?

  • Be sure to check the dates of the conference - there are no refunds once you register.

  • Please note you must attend the kick-off dinner presentation and both training days in their entirety for CE credit.

  • Want to bunk with a friend? You will need to indicate your roommate on your registration form. 

  • Review our cancellation and refund policy.

  • Reach out to Maria with any questions!

  • Sign Up! 


Secure Your Spot Today - Limited tickets available!
🎟️ Complete Conference Package:


Single occupancy: $4050

Double occupancy: $3050

🎟️ Local Conference Attendance Rates:

Without accommodation: $2150

  • Ideal for those within travelling distance who do not need accommodation, but do need tickets into the parks. 

Without Park Tickets or Accommodation: $1950

  • Ideal for those of you with a season pass or alternative park tickets and also do not require accommodation.

*Please note: Parking fees are not included.

*Payment plans are available with a non-refundable deposit of $500.

Need a little more Disney magic?

You will have the opportunity to extend your stay, at your own expense, up to three days prior to or following our conference at a discounted room and ticket rate! More details to come.


Don't miss your chance to be part of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Register now and prepare to elevate your practice, ignite your passion, and rediscover the magic of play therapy!

Get ready to play, learn, and connect like never before 🌠🏰

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