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Not Your Mother's

Postpartum Group


Group Description:

Ditch the Diapers and Dig Deep: Welcome to "Not Your Mother's Postpartum Group" Forget stale beige walls and tired platitudes. This ain't your grandma's support group. "Not Your Mother's Postpartum Group" is a raw, real, and refreshingly honest space for new mamas to navigate the wild ride of parenthood without sugarcoating the bumps.

Authentic AF: We ditch the parent-shaming and embrace the full spectrum of your experience. Sleep-deprived? Feeling like a hot mess? Join the club (we have snacks!).
Beyond Baby Talk: We explore the emotional, mental, and hell yeah, physical changes you're facing. Let's talk parent guilt, burnout, birth trauma, managing the mental load, body image woes, and all the weird ways parenthood rewrites your brain.
Expert-Guided, Peer-Powered: Led by a badass therapist who gets it, you'll learn practical coping skills and gain invaluable insights from fellow warriors in the trenches of parenthood.
No "Shoulds," Just Solutions: We ditch the pressure and judgment. You define your journey, and we'll provide the tools and support to rock it on your own terms.
Laughter (and Maybe Some Tears): We believe in the power of humor and shared vulnerability. This is a safe space to let loose, be yourself, and know you're not alone.

Who Can Attend?

This group is exclusively designed for "new" parents individuals aged 18 and above who are in committed relationships.

To maintain the focus and dynamics of the sessions, we kindly ask that only non-walking infants attend. For the comfort and engagement of all participants, we request that children who can walk or are older not be brought to the sessions. We appreciate your understanding and encourage attendees to arrange suitable childcare for older children during the duration of the group meetings. 

Expectations for Participants:

Our group therapy sessions operate as a closed group, which means that once the sessions commence, we do not accept new members. Participants are expected to commit to attending all six sessions from start to finish. Consistent attendance throughout the entire duration of the program is vital for the group's cohesion, trust-building, and effectiveness in achieving therapeutic goals. Please note that due to the closed nature of the group, no new members will be added after the initial sessions begin.


This group meets every Wednesday from 5:30 - 7:30 pm
Starting January 24th
Ending February 28th


This in person group meets at the A New Hope Therapy Center office.


We are happy to bill your insurance if we are paneled with them. Our self pay rate is $25 per session, $150 for the 6 weeks.

Group Facilitator

Julia Marquez, LMHC

Las Cruces Native, mama of one, and fellow warrior. I help new parents navigate the joys and struggles of parenthood, drawing on my multicultural background, diverse therapeutic tools, and own journey of healing. Let's break cycles, find strength, and thrive together..

Questions? Please email me at

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