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Group Therapy for Firefighter Couples

Are you or your spouse a firefighter?

Interested in addressing relationship issues or perhaps just a marriage "tune up"? 

Want support in navigating the unique aspects of a firefighter relationship?

Why group therapy for couples?
Claira is passionate about supporting relationships for first responders and offers this group setting to work on common issues including love and respect, communication, meeting each other's needs and other issues that specifically pertain to first responder relationships, This group is specifically designed to address common issues within relationships with firefighters. Group therapy can be helpful in creating a community of support and to decrease feeling alone in addressing some of these common issues within relationships. 

Who can participate?

This group is specific to relationships in which at least one partner is a firefighter. 

Image by Matt C

What is the cost?

We accept most major insurances, including the three Medicaids in New Mexico, so your fee may be based on your insurance plan. We do offer a self pay rate, please call 575-556-9585 for details.

I'm interested! What's next?

  1. Group meets in person at our office, 715 E Idaho Ste 2B, Las Cruces, NM from 5-6 pm on Wednesdays starting on February 15th.

  2. Questions? Feel free to email Claira at

  3. Sounds good? Then please complete the referral form and we will be in touch!

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