Payment Details

It is your responsibility to know your insurance benefits and coverage. You are responsible to pay for any amount that your insurance does not pay due to deductibles, copays or co-insurance.


We do offer an out-of-pocket rate, should you not have insurance or choose not to use your insurance. 


All copays, deductible payments and fees are due at the time of service. A New Hope Therapy Center accepts cash, check or credit cards for session payments. We also offer online payments through your Current Client account.



Using Your Insurance

 If choosing to use your insurance, please contact the insurance company to find out if we are a provider on your specific plan, with in your specific insurance company.  While our office as a whole tries to cover many insurance companies we are not on all insurance plans.


Questions to ask your insurance company in regards to your benefits:

  • Do I have in network mental health benefits?

    • What are they?

    • How do I get an authorization?

    • How many sessions will I be approved of.

    • What is the coverage per session

      • Before deductible is met

      • After deductible is met

    • What do I need to do to obtain reimbursement??

  • Do I have Out of Network mental health benefits?

    • What are they?

    • What is the coverage per session

      • Before Deductible is met

      • After Deductible is met

  • What is my annual deductible?

    • What is my deductible balance

    • Do I have a general medical deductible or do I have a separate one for mental health?


At A New Hope Therapy Center, it is your responsibility to call and check your benefits before the first session. If you have not done so, you will be responsible for the full fee at the time of your first session.    


Reasons for NOT using insurance:

Some clients choose not to use their insurance for a wide range of reasons. Some popular reasons are:

  • Insurance companies REQUIRE a diagnosis in order to pay for your session.  What we find is that not everyone who comes to counseling has a diagnosis. Some are just struggling in relationships, in their jobs or working through grief.

  • The diagnosis that is given, will REMAIN on the client’s permanent health record.   This diagnosis will follow the client in school, military, landing federal jobs, security clearances, applying for life insurance, etc.

  • Insurance companies can REQUEST the clients’ session notes at any point in time (by using your insurance you waive confidentiality) and many clients feel uncomfortable with this.

  • Insurance companies DECIDE what type of treatment they will cover, what type of treatment they will not.  Example: Many companies will not cover couples counseling, or will not cover specific diagnosis.

  • Insurance companies can LIMIT the number of sessions that a client can have.

  • The provider a client wants to see is not PANELED with their insurance company, or perhaps is paneled with their insurance company but not your specific plan.

  • Insurance company copay or deductible is too high; therefore client may opt to utilize our self pay option. 


Hours are by appointment only due to each of our therapists having their own unique schedule. Our office provides early morning, day and evening appointments seven days a week to accommodate our clients’ schedules.

**A note about after school appointments.** 

We understand the demand for appointments that do not interfere with school, however there are only so many after school hours to meet this demand.


We generally do not schedule new clients for after school appointments - they are most often given to current clients who have been waiting for an after school appointment. 

The best way to obtain an after school appointment is to take a day time appointment and remain consistent with your attendance and engagement in therapy and let your therapist know that when an after school opportunity arises that you would be interested in shifting your appointment time. 


Cancellation policy

You must cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours ahead of the scheduled appointment time, or you will be charged a $50 late cancellation fee.


To ensure that everyone is able to obtain services timely, clients who fail to cancel within the 24 hours or do not show for their scheduled appointment will be at risk for losing their appointment time and/or their case being closed. 

After three late cancel or no showed appointments, your case will be closed and your time given to the next waiting person.