Family Therapy

Seeing a therapist as a family can have wonderful benefits! Your therapist will teach everyone how to solve conflict together, talk through problems and increase overall happiness in your family! Families can grow together through difficult times, heal past hurts and learn to enjoy the time spent together. Family therapy may be everyone attending together or individual appointments as needed and directed by the therapist to best meet your family's needs. 

Who should attend Family Therapy?

Everyone! Honestly, anyone who would like to improve the relationships within the family. Your therapist will make recommendations and at times this might mean meeting with just a few of you at one 

What can we address in Family Therapy?

Family therapists are able to address a variety of family stress including relationship conflicts, blended and step-family issues, divorce and separation, grief and loss, as well as health and medical issues and their impact on the family. 

Ok, we are ready - what's next? 

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